Iraq—October 2025 

Dr. Heather Lynn will be leading an expedition to Iraq next year. The expedition will include explorations of Eridu, Uruk, Ur, andd Babylon. There will also be a stop in the Assyrian ancient cities of the north: Nimrud, Nineveh, Hatra, and Khorsabad. 

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Serious Explorers Only

This exclusive, limited-participation journey is designed for serious explorers, history enthusiasts, and truth-seekers who are ready to venture off the beaten path and discover the secrets of the Sumerians. 


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If you're ready to embark on a life-changing journey to the cradle of civilization and uncover the secrets of humanity's ancient past, we invite you to apply for a spot on this exclusive expedition. 

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Interested in Helping Produce the Documentary Film?

If you cannot join Dr. Heather Lynn on the 2025 Iraq Expedition in-person, but believe in the importance of this groundbreaking work, we still need your support.

By becoming a virtual member of the expedition team, and producer of the documentary, you will play a crucial role in enabling this unique opportunity to uncover the secrets of ancient Mesopotamia and advance our understanding of human history.

Your contribution will help cover essential expenses such as film crew, transportation, accommodations, security, and access to restricted archaeological sites.

In return for your generosity, you'll receive exclusive updates from the field, behind-the-scenes insights into the expedition's progress, and you will be briefed by Heather and the team each day of the expedition via Zoom. 

Your donation is not just a financial investment; it's a vote of confidence in the power of exploration, the pursuit of knowledge, and the importance of preserving our shared heritage.

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to making this extraordinary journey possible. Join us in our mission to unearth the mysteries of the ancient world and help write the next chapter in the story of human discovery.

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