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"What is History, but a Fable Agreed Upon?" 

- Napoleon Bonaparte

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Unlock Ancient Mysteries with The Anunnaki: A Complete College-Level Introductory Course

This comprehensive course, taught by Dr. Heather Lynn, offers a thorough exploration of the Anunnaki, drawing from her extensive experience in teaching accredited undergraduate humanities courses. You will gain a foundational understanding of the Anunnaki's origins, their role in ancient Mesopotamian civilization, and their enduring influence on human history.

Dig into the Anunnaki family tree and key figures, study their complex mythologies and pantheons, and examine the archaeological evidence that reveals their presence and impact. Engage with major controversies and debates, including the Ancient Astronaut Theory, and understand the connections between the Anunnaki and other ancient civilizations.

Through engaging lectures, multimedia presentations, and interactive discussions, Dr. Lynn will guide you in developing a college-level mastery of this fascinating subject. You will even learn the basics of reading and writing cuneiform, the ancient writing system of the Sumerians.

Fall 2024 Course Begins August 26th. 

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Want More? Uncover History's Deepest Secrets, with Me.

As your personal guide, I'll lead you on an exploration of the secrets of our past. Whether you're exploring my college-level courses, expanding your understanding of the universe alongside fellow seekers in The Gove, or expanding your understanding of the universe alongside fellow enthusiasts in The Gove, or simply immersing yourself in an evening of captivating stories with The Midnight Academy, one thing is certain:

Once you've embarked on this journey of knowledge, you'll never see history - or your place in it - the same way again. Your adventure begins now. ūüĒć

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