Dr. Heather Lynn

Author, historian and renegade archaeologist on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. 

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Who is Dr. Heather Lynn? 

Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. She holds numerous degrees and certificates in both history and archaeology and is a member of professional organizations, including: the Association of Ancient Historians, and the World Archaeological Congress. She left a life in academia to investigate ancient mysteries, lost civilizations, ancient aliens, and the occult. Heather’s work exposes our hidden history, challenging the accepted narrative found in mainstream history books. She is also a contributor to History's Ancient Aliens and a frequent guest on podcasts and radio programs like Coast to Coast AM. Heather also hosts, The Midnight Academy podcast, featuring guests on topics ranging from ancient aliens and lost civilizations to esoteric knowledge and unexplained phenomena, blending expert analysis with intriguing theories. Available on all podcasting platforms, as well as YouTube.

Heather's passion for her subjects is contagious, and her ability to bridge the gap between academia and popular fascination has made her a respected and influential figure in her field. After earning undergraduate degrees in archaeology, liberal arts, and information technology, Heather studied anthropology, history, and technology through graduate school, earning her MA in History, followed by a doctorate in Education from the University of New England, where she researched the andragogical value of digital technologies over real artifacts in museum exhibits, as well as the phenomenological motivations and perceptions of adult learners in the museum environment.

Heather is also a certified social & behavioral research investigator through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). As a life-long learner, she regularly participates in professional development courses and holds course certificates in Human Osteoarchaeology from Leiden University, Archeoastronomy from Politecnico di Milano, the Greek Hero from Harvard University, among others, and is a member of multiple professional organizations, including the Association of Ancient Historians and World Archaeological Congress.

In her "spare time," Heather plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities and has recently started playing the violin. She is also a practitioner of Krav Maga, a military self-defense and fighting system that combines techniques used in aikido, boxing, judo, karate, and wrestling. Heather finds peace in classical music, tennis, flower gardening, and a good cup of tea.

Praise from Colleagues

Erich von Däniken 

"Heather's book, "The Anunnaki Connection is the best compendium about extraterrestrial visits in years. All research is strictly scientific, but Lynn managed to write it in a way which is understandable to everyone. The book is a MUST for everyone interested in Ancient Aliens." 

—Erich von Däniken, bestselling author, of Chariots of the Gods and The Gods Never Left Us

Dr. John DeSalvo

"Dr. Heather Lynn is a very talented writer, researcher, and archaeologist with knowledge in almost all areas of the metaphysical and ancient worlds. Her writings and lectures are very well received.

I highly recommend her works and research. She has been invaluable to me in my research, and I am very grateful to be able to call on Heather for advice. An honor to call her my friend and colleague."

—Dr. John DeSalvo, biophysicist, and author of The Lost Art of Enochian Magic.

Marie D. Jones

"I became aware of Heather Lynn's amazing body of work when I asked her to contribute a Foreword to my book, Viral Mythology. Her research is impeccable, and her dedication to her subject matter is obvious, but what struck me the most is her desire to connect the dots between various areas of study that often go ignored. She has ideas and theories that are valid and intriguing, and she backs them up with a professionalism that is solid, a combination which is often hard to find. I am so pleased to include her among my colleagues and friends."

—Marie D. Jones, award-winning screenwriter, producer, and best-selling author of over 20 books, including Viral Mythology: and Women on the Fringe.

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Dr. Heather Lynn is available for a variety of media engagements and speaking opportunities. As an experienced on-air talent and contributor, she can provide expert commentary, interviews, and historical consulting for television and film productions, documentaries, and news segments. 

Heather is also a frequent guest on podcasts and radio shows, where she enjoys sharing her knowledge and engaging in thought-provoking discussions. Additionally, she is a captivating keynote speaker and presenter, available for live events, conferences, and workshops, covering a range of topics related to her areas of expertise, including, but not limited to, ancient wisdom, lost civilizations, the Anunnaki, ancient aliens, and the occult.

Email: [email protected]