What is The Midnight Academy? 

The Midnight Academy is more than just a podcast. It's a place where a community of curious minds and passionate seekers are dedicated to exploring the hidden histories, ancient mysteries, and esoteric knowledge that lie beneath the surface of conventional narratives.

Through engaging discussions, in-depth research, and collaborative learning, we aim to illuminate the enigmatic and the obscure, fostering a deeper understanding of humanity's past and its implications for our future.

Members of the Academy strive to create a space where open inquiry, intellectual rigor, and a sense of wonder are paramount, empowering members to challenge the status quo and expand their horizons.

Dear Truthseeker,

Do you have a passion for research, exploration, and the unknown? Do you possess talents or skills that could help uncover the truth about human history? Join a worldwide community of independent thinkers and researchers at The Midnight Academy to discover the secrets behind ancient mysteries. The Midnight Academy is a member-supported international organization of independent researchers and professionals interested in archaeology from a more inclusive perspective. We are genuinely open to all who aspire to learn, exchange ideas, and contribute to a greater understanding of our origins. Our members are enthusiastic individuals with an appreciation for exploration and a love of learning. We are open-minded and believe that all theories are worth consideration, as science must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. We strive to present all sides of a subject in the name of scientific inquiry and do not discriminate against theories typically labeled as “fringe” or “pseudo.” We feel that such terms are pejorative, divisive, and counterproductive to the true scientific method.

This is why we have open membership, regardless of credentials. There are many non-university credentialed or affiliated individuals who have devoted countless hours of their lives to researching alternative theories. These people carry a wealth of knowledge that deserves to be supported and shared. The Midnight Academy’s mission is to help empower independent researchers through support, community, resources, and education so that the truth about human history can be uncovered and shared.

To fulfill this mission, we need all the help we can get. We are up against an attack on free speech, rampant public disinformation campaigns, and academic exclusion from universities and research centers with government funding and private endowments worth hundreds of millions or more.

The Midnight Academy is a grassroots organization built on a belief in freedom of speech and thought. Please consider joining and becoming part of the movement to democratize history. Author and futurist George Orwell once said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Let’s take back control of our history now so that we can decide our own futures!


Dr. Heather Lynn

As a member of The Midnight Academy, you'll gain access to a world of fascinating insights, intriguing discoveries, and a vibrant community of fellow truth-seekers.

What you'll get:
  • Community and Connections: Access to The Grove, our private online community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, make friends, and participate in research opportunities and thought-provoking uncensored discussions.
  • Engaging Live Interactions: Participate in intimate Q&A sessions and virtual meetups with Dr. Heather Lynn and guest experts. Engage directly with leaders in the field to explore the mysteries of mind, space, and time.
  • Exclusive Podcast Access: Dive into the depths of hidden knowledge with exclusive episodes of the "Inner Sanctum," our hidden podcast series that delves into the most provocative and mind-expanding topics, plus bonus members-only episodes of The Midnight Academy podcast.
  • Advanced Learning Opportunities: Enjoy a 40% discount on all courses, providing you unmatched access to transformative education and insights.
  • Merchandise and More: Get a 20% discount on all Midnight Academy merchandise, allowing you to display your dedication to unearthing truths and challenging conventions.
  • Early Insights and Perks: Receive sneak peeks of forthcoming projects, enlightening articles, complimentary books, and much more, ensuring you are always ahead in the realm of esoteric knowledge.
  • Support and Sponsorship: Be credited as an official sponsor of The Midnight Academy, showcasing your commitment to the relentless pursuit of truth.

Your membership supports Dr. Heather Lynn's mission to create a space for open-minded exploration and education beyond the boundaries of traditional academia. Membership is designed for open-minded individuals aged 18 and above, ready to explore sensitive and sometimes controversial topics. By joining, you affirm your readiness to question conventional beliefs and narratives, and to be part of a unique community dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths of our world.

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Scholarships Available

The Midnight Academy is as an organization open to all. The research we conduct and share is vital to the public and is not a product for sale. Thanks to generous donations from our members, there is also an option for those unable to afford membership. This membership option includes the standard benefits afforded to monthly members but offered for free or a reduced rate to those with financial hardships.

​To request a scholarship membership, please email: [email protected]