Clear the Confusion about the Anunnaki with this Easy to Understand 36-Page Guidebook!

What You'll Receive:

  • Clear Explanations:¬†Simplified origins and roles of the Anunnaki deities.
  • Detailed Lineage:¬†A¬†breakdown of Anunnaki relationships.
  • Key Myths:¬†Summaries of essential stories and legends.
  • Archaeological Evidence:¬†Insights into¬†key artifact types.
  • Cultural Connections:¬†Parallels with other ancient civilizations.
  • Controversial Theories:¬†Overview of debated ideas and interpretations Samual Noah Kramer's 'Sumerian Problems' to Zecharia Sitchin's 'Ancient Alien' theories.
  • Expert Insights:¬†Profiles of leading researchers and their contributions to get you started in your own research.
  • Vocabulary Guide:¬†Definitions of key terms essential for understanding the Anunnaki.
  • Cuneiform Code Chart:¬†A reference for interpreting cuneiform.¬†

Engage in more informed conversations about the Anunnaki or just satisfy your own curiosity. One thing is certain, with this beginner's guide, you can build a solid foundation in Anunnaki research. 

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