About Dr. Heather Lynn

Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist on a quest to discover what's behind the doors of perception.

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Who is Dr. Heather Lynn?

Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist on a quest to discover what's behind the doors of perception. She is a professor teaching undergraduate courses in humanities, society, and other special topics. Her academic work concentrates on cognitive archaeology, consciousness, philosophy of mind, symbology, and the exploration of myth and art through a Jungian conceptual framework.

Heather also writes books and articles on fringe topics including hidden history, ancient mysteries, mythology, the occult, and paleocontact theory. She is a regular guest on podcasts and radio programs like Coast to Coast AM and has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens.


Heather has undergraduate degrees in archaeology, liberal arts, and information technology. She continued to study anthropology and history through graduate school, earning her MA in History. Her thesis examines the role of Aristotelian appeals (Logos, Ethos, and Pathos), in propaganda, public education, and consumer culture in Early Modern European free market economies.

Her interest and experience in archaeology, technology, cognitive processes, and public education converged at the University of New England, where she earned her doctorate. Heather's dissertation challenges the perceived pedagogical value of digital technologies over real artifacts in museum exhibits, as well as the phenomenological motivations and perceptions of adult learners in the museum environment.

Heather is also a certified social & behavioral research investigator through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). As a life-long learner, she regularly participates in professional development courses and holds course certificates in Human Osteoarchaeology from Leiden University, Archeoastronomy from Politecnico di Milano, the Greek Hero from Harvard University, among others, and is a member of multiple professional organizations, including: the American Historical Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Association of Ancient Historians, and World Archaeological Congress.

When she is not teaching, writing, or otherwise exploring the mysteries of mind, space, and time, she plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities and has recently started playing violin. Heather loves classical music, tennis, flower gardening, and a good cup of tea.

For more information, email: heather@drheatherlynn.com